Historical and Present Church Development

Brooklyn Saint Paul's Church of the Nazarene was organized in 1993 when the late Rev. Wellington Foster reached out to the Church of the Nazarene through the late Rev. Stanley Moore, the then Zone Chairman of the Brooklyn Zone Churches and the District Superintendent Dr. Dallas Mucci.

The church, prior to it's organization was Saint Paul's Independent Methodist Church organized in 1938 and dedicated in 1944. Rev. Foster wanted to make sure that the church would live on through an organization that was sustainable, preaching salvation and upholding the holiness Wesleyan/Armenian tradition.


Rev. Cecil Clarke was installed as pastor in 1995 and is presently serving. Over the years, we continue to fulfill the church's mission and the dreams of the late Rev. Foster by first of all, preaching salvation in Jesus Christ through repentance and the infilling of the Holy Spirit through Entire Sanctification as a second definite work of grace. Also, by the various ministries of the church that include reaching out to our community. In addition, we continue with the upkeep of the building and facilities, maintaining the structure and making improvements