Mission Statement:

The Men's Ministry at Saint Paul's Church is "committed to building godly men to serve Christ in their homes, church, career and community." This mission statement is pursued through a verity of initiatives, events and activities. The Men's Ministry places great emphasis on development in and among the men of Saint Paul's, furthering encouragement and support of men in their walk with Christ.



The Men's Ministry is committed to support men in their Christian walk and development towards spiritual maturity. Men will be challenged through Bible study, prayer meetings and times of fellowship. This ministry is designed to develop productive relationships between Christian men, both within and outside the Saint Paul's family. To enlist100% of the men to actively participate in Saint Paul's Ministry. To cultivate, prepare and encourage men in the Spirit of God to assume further leadership positions in the ministry at Saint Paul's.



One of our goals is to mentor and support boys, teenagers and young men in their development in all aspects of life by example and purposeful intervention as roll models.


Men's Retreats:

The Men's Ministry has consistently provided retreat opportunities to Saint Paul's men, on an ongoing basis. Typically, the retreats are held in the late Fall. They provide an excellent opportunity for men to share fellowship, participate in indoor and outdoor activities, learn from God's word and reflect upon their walk with Christ.


Fellowship, Sporting and Recreation Events:

Fellowship opportunities to be planned for the men on a periodic basis, for example: Meetings, prayer, Bible study and sharing; Fellowship with other Men's groups; Breakfast, lunch and dinner opportunities; cookouts, basketball, baseball, and football games; Game night; Bowling, movie night. These are excellent opportunities for men to get to know each other better and build strong relationships.


Service and Home Repair Projects:

Saint Paul's is blessed with men who are gifted tradesmen, carpenters, plumbers, electricians, cooks, etc. The Men's Ministry can begin a partnership to schedule home repair and maintenance projects, where men of the church will work together and provide needed support. This might be a home  of a member, or it might include work on the church or other building projects in our community, or assist seniors with grocery shopping.